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Big Quesnel Lake Rainbow TroutBig Lake - Big Fish:
Many 'experts' would look at Quesnel Lake and simply say that it cannot be worked with a fly. Nothing could be further from the truth. From casting egg patterns to 'buck tailing,' our guides will open your eyes to one of the world's best kept secrets. It's pure excitement!

Angling Methods:
There's great fly fishing in the lake and feeder creeks. Plus, numerous
small stillwaters abound in the region of British Columbia as well as three world class rivers.
Spin casting and trolling are also common angling methods used in our waters.

Fly fishing for rainbow troutFlyfishing:
Imagine yourself on the casting deck of your guide's boat, fly rod in hand, ready to make that perfect cast into a pulsating ball of salmon fry. Armed with the knowledge that these 'bait balls' are being formed from below by large hungry rainbow trout, your adrenaline will start pumping and your heart thumping. Imagine watching these huge predators slash through the balls of baitfish.
Now, place the perfect cast, make the perfect retrieve, and suddenly, there's a strike from a 12 pounder! Of course, actually landing these giants involves skill, the right equipment and perhaps a little luck.

Quesnel Lake Rainbow TroutIf you are seeking a new and unique BC angling experience, Elysia Resort is exactly what you have been looking for. Why wait any longer, come visit us and prepare for the fight of a lifetime.

Prime flyfishing in Quesnel Lake and its numerous feeder creeks starts in the middle of May and continues through October. The action can be fast and furious on the water as well as at the creek mouths. Catches of 25 trout a day are not uncommon, but beware those days require physical stamina. While wild rainbow trout are our primary targets, Bull trout, Lake trout, Kokanee, as well as whitefish are all present.

Lake TroutPioneering new and unique flyfishing opportunities! We are continually pioneering new techniques and patterns, and consequently revolutionizing the science behind the art of flyfishing in this huge body of water. We are dedicated to a 'match the hatch' philosophy, and offer world-class instruction on techniques specially designed to catch these extraordinary trout. In fact, we consider our lodge to be a learning center. If you are new to the sport, or merely seeking an environment that will take your skills to the next level, we think you will be impressed.

For us, nothing beats the pure satisfaction of assisting our guests to realize their dreams, and hopefully the "catch of a lifetime."

Thoughts from our guides on best angling times:

Rainbow TroutMay -- May can be one of the best months on and around Quesnel Lake and we often have the water all to ourselves. The leaves are just starting to bud, spring flowers are blooming and because of the deep snow in the high country, the wildlife is abundant along the shorelines. The Rainbow trout are near the end of their spawning, and the non-spawners are predating the eggs. May is also a time when the alveins (baby salmon) are making their way out of the creeks and into the lake. The water is low and clean, and the big fish are hanging out on the shoals and around the creek mouths.

June -- Although the snow is starting to melt, and the run off from the creeks and rivers can make the lake murky and high, the salmon fry are starting to move around the lake in huge bait balls. Find the bait, you'll find an abundance of trout. Small stillwaters are excellent all month in June. There is often very good dry fly fishing.

July -- This is the month the dry flies start to hatch on the rivers. Early morning and evening angling is sometimes necessary for small Lakes. The big lake is usually good although hot weather can mean we need to hunt a little more. By mid July the rivers are at their best.

August -- August continues to be good river fishing. The big lake creek mouths can be good with big fish cruising the deeper drop offs searching for bait (salmon fry). Near the end of August the Sockeye salmon start to enter Quesnel River. This is the beginning of the very exciting fall season.

September -- There are more salmon in the lake, at the creek mouths and in the rivers, giving us ample opportunity to catch trout that are predating the salmon eggs. The Lake trout (a.k.a. Lake Char, Laker) also start to spawn in September, but they must be fished in the evening when they gather on the shoals near the creek mouths. The big lake is excellent now, because of the great numbers of salmon fry feeding on or near the surface.

October -- October brings good egg pattern fishing, as well as nymphing and buck tailing. We often find huge schools of Salmon and Kokanee Fry feeding on the plankton. Egg patterns and flesh flies work well. There are very few other fishermen around at this time of year. Enjoy the "Indian Summer," the fall colors, and the solitude.

Note: Rainstorms can cause the creeks and rivers to be non-fishable at any time of the season.

What Brian Chan, an avid fly fisher, has to say:
"Quesnel Lake may be better known as being one of the deepest fiord lakes in the world but it also offers some superb angling opportunities for the avid fly fisher. Major river systems plus a multitude of creek mouths offer ideal fly fishing opportunities for rainbow, bull trout and lake trout. Elysia Resort is strategically situated to access these fisheries as well as being the perfect place to return to great food, hospitality and accommodations." - Brian Chan, world renowned author and flyfishing enthusiast

Elysia Resort & Lodge, on beautiful Quesnel Lake, is "highly recommended" by Fodor's British Columbia and Canada Travel Guides, "endorsed" by Kaufman's Streamborn Inc, recipient of the 2008 Williams Lake Chamber of Commerce 13th Annual Business Excellence Tourism Award.

We offer all inclusive packages including accommodations, housekeeping cabins, guest rooms and casual dining. Plus, custom all inclusive angling packages. These can include guided or unguided angling adventures on stillwater, streams and creeks. Our professional guide service offers you experienced guides who will introduce you to trophy BC angling opportunities including freshwater bucktailing, dry fly and nymphs.

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